Last month, I hosted a Favorite Things Party with a few of my favorite people. It was a hit! I invited over four of my girlfriends for an afternoon of fun and good food. Prior to the party, I send out an evite to explain exactly what a Favorite Things Party was.

What is a Favorite Things Party?

favorite things party

A Favorite Things Party is like a mini-Oprah’s Favorite Things show. No, no one got a car but we shared some of our favorite things under $6. Everyone brought 5 of the same item and everyone left with 5 different things in their bags. We did this in placement of buying everyone a gift and going out to dinner for the holidays. Cost effective and so much more fun!

It was so much fun to see what everyone would bring. My favorite things? Ulta nail polish in various shades and nail files! I also dug into my BlogHer ’12 swag and handed out some other nail accessories.

favorite things party

Another favorite thing I found at BlogHer ’12 were these Energizer flameless candles! They smell so delicious and I don’t have to worry about them around the kids {a bonus in my book!}.

Not to be outdone with the great gifts, there was also great food!

favorite things party food

And then my camera was stolen and the good times were captured!

favorite things party pictures

Those pictures would not have been possible if it wasn’t for some great wine!

favorite things wine

We will be definitely having another Favorite Things party next year {and possibly sooner!}. It was so much fun to just hang around with friends, eating some yummy food, and walking away with some great gifts!

A huge thank you to Energizer for sending some of their awesome flameless candles and to Mirassou Winery for supplying the wine for our party!

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