Well I had planned to have a really cute Father’s Day picture for today but someone wasn’t cooperating. I had the nerve to think that the 3 year old would actually cooperate for me.

Boy was was I kidding!

I have been trying to come up with a great Father’s Day gift but since I am not working right now {and money is a little tight}, I was coming up short. Then I had a great idea! I figured I would give the hubster a gift that I could afford…a picture! I set out to take the infamous Father’s Day picture, with the boys spelling out “DAD”. I bought the letters from AC Moore {you only need a D and an A}. I dressed the kids in coordinating outfits that they just happened to have hanging in their closets. And I picked out the perfect shady spot in the yard. It was all going too well. I really should have known better.

He refused. Flat out refused.

He wouldn’t hold the letters.

He wouldn’t hold his brother.

He wouldn’t look at the camera.

Big. Fat. Fail. BIG FAIL.

After much tears and crying, I momentarily gave up. I decided to take and break and try again later. So later that afternoon, I pushed the memories of that morning aside and decided to give it another chance.

Yes, I had to bribe him (a cookie goes a long way). Yes, I had to take the pictures quickly. And yes, I had to be happy with whatever I got. They would be perfect in my husband’s eyes no matter what they looked like.

And I finally got it just right!

father's day picture ideas

And I am so happy with how our Father’s Day picture turned out! I can’t wait to recreate it next year.

Do you take an annual Father’s Day picture?

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