hamster {noun} where you put your dirty clothes. Put your dirty clothes that are laying all over your floor in the hamster.

cerlol {noun} an edible form of grain, commonly in the form of breakfast food. Can I have Daddy’s cerlol for breakfast?

bandie {noun} adhesive bandage. I need a bandie for my leg!

sopalit sips {noun} bits of chocolate used in baking. I want pancakes with sopalit sips. 

gargola {noun} breakfast food and/or cereal. Can I have a gargola bar?

glub glubs {noun} any of various long-handled clubs with wooden or metal heads for hitting the ball in golf. I need to pack my glub glubs. 

Flyin’ McQueen {proper noun} popular Disney movie character in the movie, Cars. I want to bring my Flyin’ McQueen fishing rod to the mountains.

compoter {noun} mommy’s iPad. Where’s your compoter?

Seorge {proper noun} a man’s name. I’m going to watch Curious Seorge on your compoter.

TheDoggyKnockOvertheCake. {movie} one word; The Sandlot. They do this in TheDoggyKnockOvertheCake movie. 

It will be a sad day when he starts saying the correct words instead of his cute little substitutions.

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