These Mummy Treats are a fun and easy treat to make up for Halloween parties or class treats.

I have to admit, Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. I’m not sure why but I do enjoy it. I love to decorate. I even dress up with the kids. And I am always making fun Halloween treats!
It all started with my Franken Treats. This year, the boys decided to have some fun and help me make more versions. Up first? Mummy Treats.
These Mummy Treats so incredibly easy. The kids had a blast decorating them. The best part? The more imperfect the better! So get the kids to help you when making these Mummy Treats.

Mummy Treats

To make Mummy Treats, you will need:

You can grab everything you need to make your own Mummy Treats below!

Wilton Candy MeltsWilton Candy MeltsWilton Candy EyeballsWilton Candy EyeballsRice Krispies TreatsRice Krispies Treats

Melt chocolate melts in microwave per directions on bag. Make sure you don’t overcook and burn the chocolate.

Dip rice cereal treats in the melted white chocolate and cover the fronts of the rice cereal treats. You don’t have to worry about them looking nice. You are going to add more melted chocolate!

Before adding the mummy gauze, add the candy eyes. Let the base coat of the melted chocolate harden for a few minutes.

Using a fork, drizzle more of the white melted chocolate on top to create the mummy’s gauze.

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