Now that the weather is colder, I am trying to keep the kids busy since we are forced inside. These Drip Paint Ornaments are quick and easy and kids can use their imaginations to create whatever their little hearts desire.


Even better, they can make these for grandparents as a personal gift for Christmas. Add their little hand print or name on the front!


Drip Paint Ornaments


  • Acrylic Paint: You can use whatever acrylic paints you have laying around the house. This is great way to use up those pants just sitting in a drawer.
  • Clear Ornaments: You can use either plastic or glass ornaments. If you are doing this project with kids, the plastic ornaments work best.

Instructions for Drip Paint Ornaments:

Drip Paint Ornaments are super simple! Any one can make these. Simply pick out the color combinations you would like to use in your ornaments. Some good color combinations for Christmas are:

  • Red and Green
  • Blue, White, and Gold
  • Turquoise and Red
  • Pink and Gold
  • Purple, Green & Gold
  • Jewel Tones


Once you have your colors picked out, it’s time to start dripping! Simply drip the paint in the opening of the ornaments and swirl the ornament. You want to keep swirling until the paint stops running.


Next, add your next color and continue to swirl. Again, keep swirling until the paint stops running.


Finally, add a third color (or the color you wish to be the predominate color in your ornament) and drip a little into the ornament. Use a piece of cardboard to cover the top of the ornament and shake the paint up.


Let dry and hang up on your tree!

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