Earlier in the summer, the boys and I swung by our dollar store to create a Summer Fun Bucket. We filled it with some great outdoor activities that didn’t break the bank but helped curbed the “I’m bored” I was hearing. While we were there, I also picked up some cleaning supplies. I have read a ton of “What You Should Buy at the Dollar Store” posts and it was time to test it out myself.

With two boys, I feel like I am always cleaning something. Whether I am vacuuming the floors, cleaning the bathroom, or doing laundry, there is always something that needs to be cleaned. That means we can go through cleaning products really fast which takes a toll on the bank account.

Dollar Store Finds to Clean Your House

When shopping at your dollar store, skip grabbing the smaller bottles. You want to maximize your savings, right? My dollar store had larger refill bottles. Remember, they are still a $1 too! I bought an all-purpose cleaner, window cleaner, and a stain remover.

Dollar Store Finds to Clean Your House-2

When I got home, I filled them about 3/4 of the way in my spray bottles. I filled the rest with water. Even though these bottles seem small, let me tell you they go a long way!

Dollar Store Finds to Clean Your House-5

Out of all the cleaners I purchased at the dollar store, the stain remover is my favorite. I was shocked at what this cleaner does! I put it to the test on my car seats. I needed to take the kids’ carseats out to make room for some friends for a road trip. When I took the car seats out, I was horrified at what was underneath. I couldn’t have someone sit on this! I sprayed the seats down with the stain remover and used a white microfiber cloth to scrub it out.

Dollar Store Finds to Clean Your House

Shocking isn’t it? Make sure you do a test patch before you clean a whole surface to make sure it doesn’t discolor.

If you want to skip the chemicals, you can pick up supplies to make your own cleaners. To make your own supplies, you’ll need:

  • Vinegar
  • Lemon juice
  • Baking soda

Dollar Store Finds to Clean Your House-3

Not only can you pick up cleaners, but you can find all of your cleaning supplies like spray bottles, microfiber clothes, toothbrushes, sponges, and dust pans. You don’t want to forget to grab these while you are there or your will end up dropping a small fortune on these at your big box store.


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