I got my haircut yesterday. It was so long and unruly. It was time. I love my stylist and I have complete trust in her. I usually just sit down and say “Do whatever you want.” This time was no different. I told her I wanted a lot chopped off and layers. After some measuring, she said she would be taking a good 7-8 inches off and asked if I wanted to donate them. She knew that Locks of Love requires 10 inches but was pretty sure that there was another organization that took less. It was only going to end up going in the trash, so I said why not.

She braided it and then off it came. I couldn’t believe how much she cut off. I was being to get worried that it was going to be too short. She said they would measure and try to find somewhere to send it. They would let me know shortly if they were successful.

Here’s the finished product. What do you think?


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