A couple of weeks ago, I was brainstorming how to decorate our home for my best friends baby shower.

The theme was a You Are My Sunshine type shower, in grey, white and yellow and I wanted something that was easy, but stylish and something that I could drape in doorways, across our fireplace and our 13′ spruce shelf near where guests would be sitting.

What’d I do? I got two double/full size flat sheets, a pair of scissors and I started cutting.

diy upcycle garland
Step 1: Pick out your bedsheets.

Step 2: Cut bedsheet into 6″ sections wide and the whole length of the sheet.

Step 3: Cut thinner strips as accents {or even easier…get yourself some spools of ribbon!}.

Step 4: Cut your 6″ wide sections into strips. Be sure not to cut all the way to the top. You’ll be left with a really long fringed piece of fabric {which is awesome in and of itself}

steps for diy upcycle garland

Step 5: Tie your thinner strips {and ribbon}.

Step 6: Swag across door ways, fireplaces, wherever you’d like!

diy upcycle garland

Seriously, one of the easiest things I’ve done in terms of decor. I tied the yellow and charcoal ribbons on with just one knot so that I can replace them and use the fringed garlands over and over.

This is a simple craft that would work perfect for any occasion:

  • Pastels for Easter
  • Red and gold for Christmas
  • Orange and black for Halloween

The possibilities are endless from just a simple bedsheet that otherwise would have been thrown away!


shannon of sweet stellas Shannon is the owner and creative mind behind Sweet Stella’s. With a focus on abstract colour theory, Shannon uses high quality artist acrylics to create stunning abstract paintings, journals and art for your home. She also uses her studio concentration in sculpting to create unique and whimsical wearable art out of a polymer clay. You can follow Shannon on Facebook and Twitter.

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