Consignment sale shopping can be a bit overwhelming, especially when it’s your first time shopping. with so much stuff. I have been shopping at consignment sales for a few years now and you learn a thing or two.

This post is sponsored by #JBFPhilly. All tips and opinions are based on my years of shopping the sale!

If you are planning to shop at a consignment sale for the first, you need to read this first! It will help you come up with a game plan so you can maximize your time shopping.

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If this is your first time shopping the sale (or you get overwhelmed at a consignment sale), I have a lot of tips to help you out!

Everything You Need to Know About Consignment Sale Shopping

Before you go

Make a list and set a budget. Go through your children’s clothes and shoes and make a list of what they need. Don’t forget to check seasonal items, like snow boots and pants, and sports gear.

Know your sizes. Before heading out, trace your child’s foot to help with shoe shopping.  Measure your kids’ pants from the waist to the hem with a string. Cut the string and bring with you to the sale. If the pants at the sale are shorter than the strong, don’t buy them!

Have a game plan.  Before you head to the sale, check their website to see if they have a floor plan available. If you are going for popular item, you may want to know where it will be so you can head their first and snag it.

Bring a laundry basket with you to help carry items while you shop. Some shoppers tie a rope to the end of their basket so they can pull it along as they are looking through the racks. The Just Between Friends sale has a hold area for your convenience as well as large shopping bags.

Be prepared. Wear comfortable shoes so you can get to the good deals quickly. You may even want to pack a bottle of water and snack because you could be there a long time!

Clean your trunk out! You never know what you may find at the sale. You may find a large item at a good price. Or you may score a ton of deals and come home with a ton of clothes! You want to make sure you have a way to get it back!

At the sale

Check your items thoroughly. I have gotten really good at expecting my finds. One did slip by and I noticed a marker stain on the cuff of a shirt before I bought it. I can let some minor stains go {especially if I know I can get them out} but a marker stain is a no go for me. So really inspect your items! Which leads me to…

Don’t let the price of something trick you into buying it. I learned this one the hard way. I had an awesome pair of $2 jeans in my hand but a friend pointed out the knees. We all know boys wear their clothes hard, especially in the knees. She showed me to put my hands on the underside of the pants and feel if the material is thin. The knees on the $2 jeans were so paper thin. One good fall and there would have holes! They definitely wouldn’t have lasted the winter season!

Check prices online. You have smartphone, why not put it to good use? Look up the retail price on an item you may not be sure of to make sure it’s a good deal!

Don’t forget about the Holidays. I saw a TON of things at the consignment sale that were like new or even still in the box! These make for great holiday gifts…at a budget price! You don’t have to break the bank on holiday gifts. Also, the Just Between Friends sale has a large variety of Halloween costumes in the Fall, which we all know are expensive. Most are priced at under $10! You can grab a few for your child to choose from and keep the others for dress up or pretend play.

More tips

consignment sale tips

Volunteer and shop early. One of the advantages of volunteering at the sale is getting to shop early.

Know when to say no. I found it really hard to walk away from some of the toys. But then I thought “Do we really need this?” And the answer was “No, we don’t.” If it’s something you really don’t need, put it down and go get some more clothes!

Check out these tips from real JBF shoppers!

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