I really just want to go ahead and get this weekend over with. I am preparing for the worse and hoping for the better.

We had to cancel to Ben’s baptism this weekend due to the impending storm. I know it could be worse and have vacation plans ruined {I’m so sorry Jenni!} but it was actually a blessing in disguise seeing that I have absolutely nothing prepared for it. I should be running around like an idiot preparing for the party instead I am running around like an idiot preparing for the storm.

I went to the grocery store last night for a few essentials {water, bread, snacks, diet coke} and I was shocked to see the store wiped out. And not just wiped out off water, bread, milk and eggs. The usual “oh my god we won’t be leaving the house for days because of the snowpocolypse and gosh darn it we need to have french toast!” hysteria that takes over the area when they predict more than 5 inches of snow. Everything was wiped out. Everything. 

I have been craving Mexican food lately {no, I am not pregnant, far from it} and want to make tostados tonight. I went to grab some cheddar cheese and they were completely out. Out of cheddar cheese. All brands, all sizes. No cheddar cheese! I guess the mice need to eat too.

Today, I am taking on the task of making sure that my family is prepared for a very possible power outage {our development has bad luck with that}. Here’s my never-ending to-do list:

  • Charge electronics {especially portable DVD player and cell phones}
  • Find batteries {the stores are completely out}
  • Bake {I have some muffin and bread mixes in the pantry. Extra snacks are helpful.}
  • Finish the mound of laundry…so we all have clean underwears…just in case. 
  • Put all supplies in a central location so we don’t have to go looking for them. 
  • Clean the tub so it can be filled with water tomorrow {this is a foreign concept to me but I guess it doesn’t hurt!}. 
  • Put together some things for E to do without power {puzzles, coloring books, books}. 
  • Secure everything on the deck. {I have a feeling it will all be in my kitchen.}
  • Pack a bag in case we need to go to my parent’s. They typically do not lose power and said we could camp out there if needed.
  • Find some more diet coke! {I left the store without it. That is a national disaster in and of itself.}
Thankfully the brunt of the storm is supposed to pass through over night so hopefully the kids will sleep right through it. I know the hubster won’t. Me, I can sleep through anything!
Everyone on the East Coast stay safe and be smart! It will all be over soon!

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