I fell back on the coffee wagon. I was doing so good but I truly believe I have an addiction. There are some days that I just can not function without it.

Today I realized just how bad it’s getting. As E and I were pulling into the Starbucks drive through, he yelled “Coffee!!!”

::sigh:: My child now knows that that big green sign and building is the coffee place.

But it gets better. We then continue to have a full on coversation about coffee as we wait for the barista to hand over the coffee.

E: “Momma, iz a big one?”

Me: “Is what a big one?”

E: “Coffee. Iz a big one?”

Me: “Not today, it’s a medium one.”

E: “A little one?”

Me: “Sure.”

::barista hands over coffee::

E: “Mine, mine, mine.”

Me: “No, it’s mommy’s. You can’t have coffee.””

E: “I have coffee.”

Me: “No, Ethan, it’s yucky.”

E: “Is lucky?”

Me: “Yes, baby, it’s yucky. Coffee is for mommys.”

E: “Mommy coffee? Is yucky.”

Me: “Yes, baby, mommy’s coffee is lucky.”

God, I love this kid.


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