Bring the snowflakes indoors with  coffee filters and some washable markers!

coffee filter snowflakes-5

If you don’t have snow outside, why not make some inside? We love making paper snowflakes but sometimes you have to switch it up! We’ve been having fun making coffee filter crafts so I figured why not make some coffee filter snowflakes!

The kids can have a lot of fun making different color snowflakes and shapes! Remember, every snowflake is different!

coffee filter snowflakes


Coffee Filter Snowflakes


1 X ROCKLINE BASKET COFFEE FILTERS (8-12 Cup Basket) 700 Filters1 X ROCKLINE BASKET COFFEE FILTERS (8-12 Cup Basket) 700 FiltersCrayola Broad Point Washable Markers - Pack of 2 (58-7808-2Pack)Crayola Broad Point Washable Markers – Pack of 2 (58-7808-2Pack)Tolco Empty Spray Bottle, Frosted Assorted ColorsTolco Empty Spray Bottle, Frosted Assorted Colors


coffee filter snowflakes-1

First, flatten out your coffee filters on a washable surface. Let your children color a bunch of color filters using washable markers. The more they color each coffee filter, the better!

coffee filter snowflakes-2

Once you have colored the coffee filters, spread them out on some paper towels and let your child spray/mist the filters with water. Try not not have them get them completely soaking wet; the water will make the colors run together to get a tie-dye effect. I also stacked them on top of each other which let the colors bleed from one filter to the next!

coffee filter snowflakes-3

Let the filters dry completely before moving on. Once dry, fold like you would to make paper snowflakes. But make sure the coffee filter is completely dry or else you won’t be able to cut it!

coffee filter snowflakes-4

Cut shapes into your snowflakes for different patterns.

coffee filter snowflakes-6

What do you do with these now? Coffee filter snowflakes make great suncatchers or winter garland!

Looking for more coffee filter crafts? Of course you are!

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