If you have kids in elementary school, you probably know Earth Day was coming up. It’s like having the Earth police follow you around. “Turn the water off. You’re wasting it.” “Did you know plastic bottles are bad?” “Is this recyclable?”

So of course we had to do a little craft to help celebrate Earth Day!

The kids and I whipped up this really simple and fun craft: Coffee Filter Earths! We all know I have a ton of coffee filters hanging around the house. And markers? Yeah we have plenty of those too. Having the supplies on hand made it easy to make these at the last minute.

Coffee Filter Earth

coffee filter earth

You will need:

coffee filter earth-1

  • coffee filter
  • green and blue washable markers (you want to make sure they are washable!)
  • spray bottle with water

coffee filter earth-2

Start by having your kids draw the land masses with the green marker on a flat coffee filter. Next, with the blue marker, fill in the ocean. Don’t worry about the drawings being perfect! We’ll be fixing that later.

coffee filter earth-3

I highly recommend putting a white piece of paper underneath the coffee filter when coloring. Unless you want marker all over your table! The marker will bleed through the coffee filter.

coffee filter earth-4

Next, place your coffee filter on a paper towel. I put ours on a baking sheet to contain and mess. Spray with the water bottle. Be careful and watch where you are spraying. The marker will run off the coffee filter and spray off the paper. You may even want to do this step outside.

coffee filter earth-5

The water will make the marker bleed and give you a really cool effect on your Earth.  All those imperfections will be gone and you will have a really cool Earth!

coffee filter earth-6

Lay flat and let dry! I found putting it outside helped it to dry quicker. We made ours this morning before heading off to school. I can’t wait to show the kids their Coffee Filter Earth when they get home later!

Are you celebrating Earth Day today? Share how in the comments!

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