Yesterday, I damn near jumped out of a window. After my cup of tea, giving the boys’ breakfast, and getting everyone settled for the morning, I plugged my external hard drive into the computer to edit some pictures. I waited. Then waited some more.

And then panic set in.

Instead of seeing my drive’s name in the folder, it was just a generic drive. I tried to open it.

And I got this.

I clicked “ok” and then it asked me to REFORMAT the drive. REFORMAT?! I knew this wasn’t good.

I went from panic, to hysterics, back to panic. There was {are} a ton of files on that drive. I foolishly was only using the external drive as my backup. I know, I know, I already got the lecture from the hubster and my IT dad.

But here’s where the “I’m an idiot” part comes in.


I had the same thing happen to me last summer. But that time? I lost everything! So you’d think I’d learn. But no, I’m a glutton for punishment I guess.

I quickly hopped on the drive’s support forum and downloaded a free recovery program that everyone recommended, Recuva. I wasn’t holding my breath. We couldn’t recover the last time so I didn’t think it would happen this time.

But it did!

It’s still extracting data but it’s doing its job. Pulling all 35,388 files. Yes, you read that correctly. 35,388.


Now that I have my files back, it’s time for me to make a plan. And since I don’t want you to make the same mistake I did {twice}, I’m sharing it with you.

1. I signed up for a This Life account to host all of my personal pictures. What I love the most about this program is that it organizes all of your pictures by date! I am horrible at organizing my personal pictures so this is exactly what I needed!

2. For my client and blog pictures, I am still using Flickr. But I have to better organize it. It’s a bit of a hot mess over there and I probably couldn’t find something if I really needed to.

3. To back up my computer and all of my files, I decided to go with Carbonite {recommended by my dad!}. It has the features I need and is the perfect price for my budget!

4. My dad also offered to let me back up on his computer. He has a dedicated computer just for back ups. He’s giving me half of terabyte {which apparently is really, really, really, big}. Can’t thank him enough for that!

Do yourself a favor and don’t be an idiot like me! Back up your files anyway you can!


Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. I am helping you not to make the same mistake{s} that I have made. Do not wait and learn this hard way like I did. Have you backed up your computer yet?

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