Last month, my son picked a pretty over the top idea for his Valentine’s Day Mailbox. When he told me he wanted a Chewbacca Valentine Mailbox, I knew we could do it and that it would be a total hit (and it was!). The idea for the mailbox came from a craft that they did at a Star Wars day a few months back.

And now that we have created the mailbox, I thought why not recreate the original craft! This Chewbacca Paper Bag Puppet is an easy craft for kids of all ages and perfect as a rainy day activity.

chewbacca paper bag puppet






Chewbacca Paper Bag Puppet

To make a Chewbacca Paper Bag Puppet, you will need the following supplies:

chewbacca paper bag puppet-1


Start by cutting a diagonal strip of black construction paper for Chewbacca’s holster. Glue in place.

chewbacca paper bag puppet-2

Next, using your googly eyes, trace a set of teeth on the white construction paper.

chewbacca paper bag puppet-3

Cut out your teeth and glue under the flap of the paper bag.

chewbacca paper bag puppet-4

Next, glue your google eyes onto the flap. Now your Chewbacca is coming to life!

chewbacca paper bag puppet-5

Cut four rectangles out of the white construction paper and glue onto the black holster.

chewbacca paper bag puppet-7

Using a black (or brown) crayon and add fur to your Chewbacca!

chewbacca paper bag puppet-8

Add a black nose and your Chewbacca is complete!

chewbacca paper bag puppet-11


yoda paper bag puppet-11Yoda Paper Bag Puppet

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