I have totally been bitten by the crafting bug! I have been having so much fun creating easy and quick fall decorations for the house.

Up next? Chalkboard Pumpkins!

I spied these paper mache pumpkins when I picked up my supplies for the painted pumpkins. I kept thinking about them and what I could do with them.

chalkboard pumpkins-1

I could paint them.

I could have the kids paint them.

But I wanted something a little different.

So I broke out the chalkboard paint I had left over from the chalkboard teacher mug I made last year. I knew the kids were gonna love these because they draw their own jack-o-laterns on the pumpkins!

chalkboard pumpkins-5

I personally wanted to use it as a countdown to Halloween. Good thing I bought two pumpkins!

chalkboard pumpkins-4

Chalkboard Pumpkins



When using chalkboard paint, you need to make sure you follow the directions! Apply two coats – one vertically and one horizontally. Dry one hour in between coats. After you have applied the two coats, let the paint cure for at least 24 hours.

chalkboard pumpkins-2

After you have let the paint cure, you want to apply the clear chalkboard coating. Again, you will apply two coats – one vertically and one horizontally waiting one hour in between coats. And, you guessed it, let cure for 24 hours.

chalkboard pumpkins-3

After you have let the clear coat cure, lightly rub chalk over the surface to condition it. Lastly, paint the stems gold (or leave them!).

chalkboard pumpkins-6

Now you are ready to have some fun with it. Get creative and get the kids involved!

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HOW TO MAKE A (2)diy faux painted pumpkins

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