I’m not sure how the tradition got started but every year we try out best at catching that Leprechaun. Every year, we fail. Nevertheless, the boys have a blast trying their hardest at catching the sneaky fella. He always leaves clues that he visited. From glitter to foot prints, he always lets us know that he was there and we did not catch him.

You would think after 6 years of trying to catch this darn Leprechaun, we would give up. But oh no, each year, we try and we try harder. The boys love coming up with ways to catch a leprechaun. However, it always starts off the same way.

How to Catch a Leprechaun

how to catch a leprechaun

Step 1: Use green paint to paint an empty cardboard box because, well, Leprechauns love the color green.


Step 2: Make sure your hands get super messy because why not?


Step 3: Build tiny steps for your Leprechaun. Cut out some shamrocks out of green construction paper. String your shamrocks on orange yarn alternating with drinking straws cut in fourths.


Step 4: Make sure you leave your Leprechaun a snack. Their preferred snack? Lucky Charms of course!


Step 5: Set up your trap with an inviting note. Use a stick, light saber, golf club, whatever you have around the house to prop up your box. Place the snack underneath so you draw the Leprechaun into the box!


Lucky Leprechaun Note Printable

Even though you may not be catching Leprechauns this St. Patrick’s Day, your kids can wake up to this note an surprise! Simply print out the note below (just click on the image below or directly load the PDF), get some gold coins and put them in your Leprechaun trap after your kids fall asleep! There is one boy leprechaun note and one girl leprechaun note. lucky leprechaun note printable

Do you build a Leprechaun Trap for St. Patrick’s Day? How do you celebrate?


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