Last week I received a late birthday present from the hubster…a mini-Keurig!!!! I have been saying for months how I wanted one.

With the new baby coming, we are trying to find small ways to cut our spending. Unfortunately, my trips to Starbucks had to be one of them. When I figured it out, I was going 2-3 times a week. At $4-$5 {and sometimes more if I picked up breakfast} a trip, that easily adds up {$780/year!}.

Enter the Keurig.

It’s quick, fast, and soooo good! So far, I have tried  the Cafe Mocha, the Donut Shoppe, and the Breakfast Tea. Hands down, the Breakfast tea is a big favorite of mine {and the hubster!}.

To help my committment to not buy my coffee out anymore, I picked up this cute ceramic travel mug from Home Goods for only $3.99!! I am going back to get another one. I love it!


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