Can you believe it?! I bought a dress. ME?! I am usually so anti-dress {on me of course}. One would think I would highly protest dress-wearing while 36 weeks pregnant. I was pleasantly surprised though when I tried this one on.

The criteria:

  • V-neck: CHECK
  • A-line: CHECK
  • Black: CHECK
  • Doesn’t make me look like a beached whale: CHECK and CHECK

Seriously, I was so surprised that this dress didn’t make me feel like a house. All the other ones made me look huge.

Ok, ok. I probably am huge but who needs to accentuate their largeness. Not this chica! Oh and the best news: I only have to wear it for a few hours {um, hello chub rub}.

I am actually looking forward to wearing this tomorrow to my niece’s first communion. We did a test run of her hair and dress {it feels like this event is going to more like a wedding} a few weeks ago. She looks so grown up!


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