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The day after Thanksgiving can leave you feeling a little bit, well, bloated. After spending the day gorging yourself on Turkey and pies, you may not feel like eating much. After all, you were probably too busy shopping on Black Friday to even think about eating!

bolthouse farms

But leave it to me to host a little happy hour. But not your typical happy hour. A Bolthouse Farm happy hour!

Bolthouse Farms products are juiced by a bunch of carrot farmers—they not only grow carrots, but also make delicious fruit and vegetable juices. They’ve combined 95 years of farming expertise with creativity and innovation. The results: high-quality products made with as much of fresh thinking as fresh ingredients.

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And they are so yummy! Since my family was getting together the day after Thanksgiving, I thought it was the perfect time for us to try the wide variety of Bolthouse Farm smoothies and blends. I lined them all up for a little taste testing.

Well, there was more than just a little taste testing going on! The blends that I thought I would turn my nose up at, like Green Goddess, I loved!

bolthouse farms-2

And of course, I loved the Mocha Cappucino!

bolthouse farms

But my ultimate favorite was the Breakfast smoothie. So much so that I have been having them for breakfast most days.

Bolthouse Farms are inspiring the Fresh Revolution to change the way people think about and use fresh fruits and veggies—a force of nature! Bolthouse Farms features 30+ beverages, ranging from carrot juice and carrot juice blends, to breakfast smoothies and protein shakes, and even seasonal holiday treats.

bolthouse farms


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