I had my first doctor’s appointment on Friday and we were finally able to see the baby, AKA the Blob. At first the doctor had a hard time finding the baby, which was very nerve-racking, but finally it popped up on the screen. She immediately saw the flickering of the heartbeat and pointed it out to us. The baby is measuring a week behind but she was not worried at all. She said it could have been the angle at which she had to get the picture.

As for me, I am starting to feel normal. My blood pressure was perfect (136/70) and still have not gained a pound (yay!).

My next appointment is next Tuesday to go over paperwork and lab work (oh joy!) and I’ll be setting up my NST scan (12 weeks) and Anatomy scan (20 weeks). We will also be discussing my c-section and the game plan to keep my blood pressure under control.

All in all, it was an uneventful visit. I am just glad to get the ball rolling!
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