I never in my life thought I would utter the words “Big Boy.” But now that we are trying to transition E to his toddler bed, I find myself using that phrase over and over again.

The official transition starts this weekend. We are converting his crib into the toddler day bed. We are going to do some rearranging and get rid of the “baby” things that are in his room.

Once we get the spare bedroom (the disaster site) cleaned out, we are getting rid of the bedroom set that is in there. We are hoping to move his changing table and glider from his room to the spare to give him more room.

We are still keeping his bedding the same. We purposely bought a theme that he could grow into instead of doing a cutesy baby theme. Of course, he has a sports themed room which makes it easy to find accessories.

Here is my wishlist for E’s big boy room.

First he needs a rug. We put laminate down in his room but never got around to getting a rug Poor thing slips and slides in there after his tubby.

We curently have a quilt rack on the wall with (you guessed it) the quilt from his bedding hanging on it. Now that he will be in a bed, I want to actually use the quilt. I think this shelf will easily replace the quilt rack.

Once we move his bed, there will be a huge bare wall. I think these canvases would fill the void.

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When we finally move the “baby” furniture out of his room, I would like to add a train table
and book shelf.

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And in case you were wondering, everything can be found at Target. Shocked I’m sure!
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