I don’t know if it’s nesting or just being sick and tired of clutter and mess. For whatever reason it is, I have been trying to get a game plan together for keeping the house in order and finish getting ready for the baby. My first step was to get some sort of cleaning schedule together.

I started the schedule by taking a look at my grocery shopping day and our trash days. For example, our trash days are Tuesdays and Fridays. I wanted to make sure that I was gathering trash on Mondays and Thursdays. Another thing I like to do on trash nights is clean out the fridge. That is why I put kitchen cleaning on a Thursday. From there, everything else fell into place.

So without further ado, my official weekly cleaning schedule.

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

The hubster was pretty impressed with what I came up with. I know he’s not holding his breath but I really am committed to sticking to it. I plan on framing our schedule and putting it in the kitchen. It will be a form of accountability on my part because it will be visible everyday and everyone will see it.

My next step in organizing this house? I am putting together a binder. The binder will be broken up by month, then week, then day. I am hoping that this will keep my meal planning, grocery shopping, cleaning, and daily to-do’s in order. I even included a blogging worksheet. Once I get that all together, I will be sharing with you all!

I really am proud of myself. Just call me the next Betty Sue Homemaker!

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