Are noisy, battery-powered toys driving you crazy? Ask any Mom her biggest complaint about the toys in the family playroom and chances are she will point to the bright and squeaky offenders. More and more families are finding that simple toys can capture the attention of the most rambunctious tots. My name is Jeannette from the Natural Parenting blog, Eco Incognito and I want to share a few of my favorite toys for my two toddlers. I am working with a Toy Store called Mama May I to demonstrate these handmade toys in action and to show you some ways to be your child’s favorite playmate.


Why Parents Love Montessori Toys

Parents love Montessori-based toys because they are inspirational, non-toxic, and battery-free. Plus, open-ended play is a springboard to developing independent thinking skills. Many of the toys are so intriguing to little ones that you can simply observe their interest in manipulating and exploring the object. Offer support if necessary or demonstrate a new skill, and then let your little one amaze you.

Why Children Love Montessori Toys

Babies are keen observers of their surroundings from birth. At a very young age, they develop the skills to begin interacting with their world and are eager to put them to work! Watch a four-month-old grasp at an object or a 6-month-old transfer a ball from hand to hand. It is not too long before these little learners are ready for more advanced skills like retrieving an object from a box. Up until age one, many children will take interest in fulfilling simple tasks like plink, plink, plinking wooden tiles into a box. As we all know, one-year-olds are eager to move and exercise their new walking skills, so it is nice to work on small, independent games before they are too mobile to concentrate for a long time.

5 Toys Every Playroom Needs

Bambino Bamboozles

Color Sorting Bowls

Silkies- Small


Little People Rainbow World 

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The talented Mama behind Mama May I Shop, Jessica Perkins, is not only a wonderful artist, but also a creative thinker. She has new ideas for encouraging children to become the next generation of engineers, scientists, gardeners, artists, musicians, and more. Her delightful games will help you connect with your children in a new way. Follow her on Facebook for inspiration and updates about new toy launches. All of her handmade, wooden toys are available for purchase in her online shop and on Etsy.

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