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Return to Sender  |  Clementine Sketch  | Kraft Nine
A Song for Jennifer  |  Chalk Hand Lettering | Blockography
Simon Script |  Grutch Shaded  |  Sign Handwriting

Now that you’ve downloaded your new fonts, it’s time to use them correctly! When downloading a font, make sure you read the instructions included so that you are using the font correctly. Take Clementine Sketch for example. There is a wrong way of using it. And there is a right way.

how to use clementine sketch

How to Use Clementine Sketch

To make this font display correctly, with the beginnings and ends of each word closed, you must begin each word with a capital letter and end each word with the symbol ^.  BUT there are two irregularities: W & V. If a word contains a W, you must end the preceding letter with a ^. If a word contains a V, you must end the preceding letter with a ^ and capitalize the letter following the V.


This^ Is^ W^rong^!

But really it’s right! LOL

Now you know how to use Clementine Sketch correctly!

Looking for more fonts? Here are some more of my favorites.

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Please note: These are listed online as free fonts. Please check each font link for details on commercial use.

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