From the moment we had Ethan, our lives were definitely changed. We had some rough times in the beginning with both kids, some sacrifice, but it’s totally worth it. And the sweet moments? Well they far outweigh the negative ones.


But how exactly does becoming a parent change your life? Let me tell you.

You have a new found respect for your parents.

I am definitely getting my paybacks for the things I put my parents through when I was a kid. And you know what that does? It gives you a new appreciation for all those things that you put your parents through while raising you. When you are young and know nothing, it’s easy to judge your parents and, at times, hate them. But now that you’re a parent, the light bulb goes on. And if you’re lucky, your parents are around to point out all the things your kid does that you used to do.

The Unconditional Love

My little one truly tests the unconditional love part of parenthood. No matter what he does, he flashes those big brown eyes and I melt. Even after I caught him drawing on the walls with a Sharpie, I can’t stay mad at him long. It’s also what drives you to go to bat for your kid, to sacrifice for their good, and to protect them from everything. The love a parent has for their child has no end.

Caring and Worrying about Everything and Anything

Back when I was young and only had myself to worry about, I didn’t have a care in the world. I never worried about a thing and often laughed at those that did. But once that little baby entered the world, boy did that change! Every decision I make not only impacts myself, but my child. Every move I make every day could impact their lives. And this is where the over worrying comes in. Because you will stress about every decision in your life from the minute to the major. Which leads me to…

Making Personal Decisions with Someone Else in Mind

The days of making split decision solely based on your needs are gone. It’s not all about you anymore. It’s about their needs and their wants. Gone are the days of being spontaneous! You never know when someone is going to get sick or hurt or miss a nap. You have to put your own needs and wants aside and think of those little people first. And when you do? Congratulations, you’re a responsible parent.

Nothing Is Yours Anymore

Remember, sharing is caring! And sharing takes on a whole new meaning when you become a parent. Having children means you are forced to share basically everything that once was yours. Your phone. Your tablet. Your bed. Your kids will want it all.

When you become a parent, you are changed in many, many ways. From the hugs and kisses to cleaning up poop off the bathroom floor, you will forever be a changed person.


And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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