KTP Dream Frenz

Night-time rituals are a big thing in our house. Ever since Abigail was born there’s always been a level of comfort and calming present when it was time to go to sleep. Whether it was from sound-soothers or lights.  Now, at 2 years old, she’s very insistent on having “friends” with her while she sleeps. Some nights it is hard to find her amongst all of her stuffed “friends”.

What I love about Dream Frenz is that they have these big round heads, smiles, and soft tiny bodies that tuck inside. They are an adorable comfort toy that children can just rest their heads upon the pillow head and dream away. Better yet, when traveling, there’s no need to pack the thousands of stuffed animals and a pillow… we can just bring a Dream Frenz.

Dream Frenz® is a line of plush characters designed by Halie Fulton and her three daughters. As more and more parents aim to ‘unplug’ their children from screens and other devices, Dream Frenz® are the perfect alternative. The characters are low-tech by design and encourage imaginative play.

Florida-based mom-entrepreneur Halie was inspired by the ‘tadpole drawings’ of her oldest daughter.  Researchers believe that tadpole drawings, done by pre-school age children, represent the child’s body self-image. These drawings typically feature big, colorful heads, tiny bodies and happy faces as an early attempt at realistic sketches.

Now, Halie’s three daughters, Mary, Shelby and Katy, now 14, 12 and 9, are partners in Dream Frenz®. They have an active role in marketing and designing new characters.

dreamfrenz ray red


Dream Frenz have such wonderful qualities.

  • Soft cushy pillow heads with adorable little bodies that tuck inside!
  • Quilted backs for comfort.
  • Encourage positive, imaginative play and encourage children to Be A Dreamer®


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