I am so sad that my little spring break is over. I know I shouldn’t complain because not many people actually get time off over the Easter holiday. But work is the last place I want to be right now.

I must say, I did have a productive break.

On Thursday, I shipped the kiddo to daycare and cleaned the entire first floor of our house. I cleaned out E’s toys, cleaned out drawers. I guess, I was spring cleaning. After cleaning, I went and had my hair did. I can not tell you the last time it was cut. It was too long and it feels so good now!

On Friday, we went to my sister’s so all the kids could dye Easter eggs together. I thought it would be a complete disaster but it wasn’t! E ended up with only one blue hand.


We spent the entire day at my sister’s and squeezed in a hair cut and I trip to the Easter bunny (that deserves it’s own post).

Saturday was a blur. We got up early and headed to Home Depot. What we acutally went for, I still don’t know. Then I headed to New Jersey for a photo session with an adorable baby girl. I then rushed back home (stopping at the store for food) and walked into an impromtu BBQ.

Then it was the main event. Easter Sunday. We had the good intentions of going to mass with MIL but our alarm clock E didn’t get up until 7:30 (mass was at 8). Our first stop was MIL’s for brunch where she made picture perfect omlets. She was so proud of herself.  The boys had a blast playing in the sand box and running around outside (it was gorgeous!).


Next stop was Auntie’s. She went all out this year and made an Easter Egg Scavenger hunt for the kids. Each kid had a list of eggs to look for and they had a blast!  



And now it’s all over and I am back to the real world! When’s my next vacation?

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