First, I want to thank everyone who left such kind words and helpful suggestions yesterday. They really did help me put some things into perspective! You all seem to agree that I am being hard on myself. To that I say, y’all can’t see my house!

Second, I came up with an attack plan. A few simple things that I am going to do every day to help with the messy house and my sanity.

1. Take a shower. No matter what I will get a shower during the day, every day. That will be 15 minutes to myself that I so desperately need. If that means, E watches yet another show and B has to cry in his bouncy chair, than so be it. It needs to be done.

2. If only one thing gets cleaned during the day, it will  be the kitchen. Dishes will be put in the dishwasher, bottles washed, and counters wiped down. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

3. Stop trying to clean up after Hurricane Ethan. We will have 3 designated toy clean ups {before lunch, before dinner, and before bed}.

4. Vacuum under kitchen table and wipe down kitchen table after dinner. This is easily the messiest place in our house.

5. Give E more chores. The kid loves to clean toilets and dust so I need to use that to my advantage more.

6. Everyone dressed after breakfast, even if that means just throwing on another pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt. I agree that I find that I am more productive when I get myself put together in the morning.

These are my baby steps. I am going to try and keep to this simple routine. Once I get this down pat, I will start adding in more things.

Before you know it, I’ll be throwing on my apron and pearls and have a fake perma-smile on my face!


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