I have come to the realization lately that I just can not do it all. It’s impossible. I can’t be 100% mom, 100% wife, 100% business woman, and 100% me. Mathematically, it doesn’t add it.  I am horrible at math and even I can figure that one out.

But I have still been struggling lately to do it all. To be there for the kids all of the time. To be on top of game work-wise. To just be me.

It’s hard, y’all.

And then I cracked open a fortune cookie and read this:an almost perfect momIt couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

When we try to be everything every minute of the day, we will fail at something. I have to let go of trying to being everything all the time and start focusing on just being one thing at a time.

Focus on just being an awesome mom when I am with the boys.

Focus on just being an awesome photographer when I am with clients.

Focus on just being, well, awesome!

And I’m ok with that. I am ok with being an almost perfect mom.

Today, I’m Pouring My Heart Out with Things I Can’t Say.


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