I feel like my poor Ethan has been neglected {blog-wise}. Everything lately has been about the new baby or how I’m feeling. I hope this isn’t carrying over to real life. How could we neglect that cute face?

So what has he been up to latey?

E is getting so big! I can’t even say he’s a toddler anymore. He’s a full flege “big boy.” One of his favorite things is to point out all the “E”s he sees and screams “Look that’s E for me!”.

He also has learned how to pull a guilt trip. The other night, the hubster told E that he wouldn’t be home the next day. E looked him right in the eye and said “That makes me very sad, Dad.” Talk about a stab in the heart.

I know this feeling probably won’t last but E is very excited to be a big brother. He informed us that he will be changing diapers, feeding bottles, singing and reading to his “brudder”, and tickling his toes. Yeah, buddy, we’ll see about that come May 20th when your “brudder” comes home.

E’s favorite book right now is “Blue Hat, Green Hat” or the “Opps Book” {that’s what he calls it}. He will sit and read it about 100 times. Yes, I said read it. My kid is a genius. No really, he just points at the pictures and recites the books. But hey, it’s something!

We are still potty training. We are at the point where I know he can do it, he just doesn’t want to. He’s been holding it in all day at daycare. In the 5 minute car ride home, he goes and soaks his Pull-Up. He’s in for a shock this weekend. He are going right to the big boy undies. If you can hold it all day at school, then you can hold it and go at home. Wish us luck!

I think the thing I will miss most about being pregnant is all the lovin’ E’s been giving me and his “brudder”. Every night before bed, he climbs up on me, gives me the biggest squeeze, and then rubs my belly. “Goodnight, Mom. Goodnight, Baby. I loves you!”.

Yeah, I will definitely miss that.

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