I have admitted in the past, that fall is my favorite time of year. I mean, what’s not to love. Chill, early mornings snuggled up in a blanket sipping coffee. Sweaters, leggings, and boots become my unofficial uniform. The crunch of fallen leaves under your feet. Bring it on!

Thankfully, the fall weather has come rolling in early this year and I was so ready for it! I am stocking up on my fall essentials that I am prepared for my favorite time of the year!

8 Fall Essentials You Need Right Now

1. An insulated coffee mug to keep my coffee warm while walking the kids to school.

2. A slide on sneaker for quick trips, like running to the grocery store or walking the kids to school.

3.A long open front cardigan to wear on those fall chilly mornings. Great for wearing around the house or running errands.

4. There’s nothing like a good pair of black leggings to get you through the fall.

5. A good handbag to take you from Home & School Meetings and to sports practices and everything in between.

6. You can’t get through Fall without a good blanket scarf! They are light but warm and look good with, you guessed it, leggings and boots!

7. A good pair of flats when you don’t want to wear boots.

8. A textured vest is perfect for those fall mornings when it’s not cold enough for a full jacket but you need a little something to keep you warm.

What are your fall essentials for yourself?

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