It’s been a long, cold winter! It’s been gray. It’s been bitterly cold. And I am really ready for spring. It’s time to toss out the winter blues and freshen up for Springtime.

Bringing freshness to your home is suprisingly simple and can make a pretty big difference in how your home looks and how you feel. Here are ten easy tips to freshen your home — this spring or year round!

8 Easy Tips to Freshen Up Your Home

8 Easy Tips to Freshen Up Your Home

Add Color
I’m not talking about repainting an entire room (although you definitely can do that!). Instead, add pops of fresh color. How?

Add some colorful throw pillows on furniture.

freshen your home for spring-2

Or change up your window treatments for something brighter.

freshen your home for spring-1

A really easy way to bring a pop of color is with brightly-colored placements or table runners. Add some fresh fruit or flowers to add  punch of color to your table as well.

Wipe Down Walls

Bucket of water and cloth for cleaning
Fill a bucket with sudsy water, grab a spronge, and get wiping! You’ll remove grime from the walls and will look like you just added a fresh coat of paint!

Polish Wooden Furniture

Bottle of furniture polish on wooden table
Polishing your wood furniture not only will make it shine but you home will smell amazing. Use a lemon polish for a really bright, clean scent. If you are a DIYer, make your own furniture polishing using olive oil and lemon essential oil.

Bring some green indoors with a houseplant on your windowsill. Houseplants help bring a lively look to your roomsHanging plants can also help add drama and greenery.

freshen your home for spring-3

[stextbox id=”info” shadow=”true”]Tip: Choose a variety that cleans the air, like aloe, spider plant, gerber daisies, or English ivy. You’ll literally be freshening things up by making the air cleaner![/stextbox]

Get Rid of Clutter

freshen your home for spring-4
This has always been a hard one for me! An easy tip for getting rid of clutter is to invest in some simple containers like baskets and painted boxes to store your items.


Cleaning wooden floor
A quick dusting can freshen up a room in about 5 minutes! Make sure you go over all objects with a duster. I love my Swifter for this reason. You can zoom around the room and dust everything!


Blue wark table and chair
Make use of natural lighting as much as you can! Open up those blinds and pull back the curtains. If you don’t have a lot of natural lighting in your home, use blue, “outdoor” type light bulbs in your home to bring the outside indoors.

Change Your Drapes

Kitchen curtain with a copy-space in the middle
If you put heavy drapes up in the winter to block out the cold, take them down! Keep your window coverings minimal in the spring and summertime to let in plenty of light.

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