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Over the past five year, we have been doing some home remodeling. We’ve painted. We’ve rearranged furniture. Little things to give our home an update. But there is one thing that we have been putting off because it was a bigger project, the kitchen. We would come up with excuses on why it couldn’t be done but we had finally run out of excuses. 

When it came to plan the remodel, we knew we didn’t want to do a complete demo. Our kitchen cabinets were in pretty good shape. We just didn’t like the color. The floor definitely needed to be replaced but the kitchen isn’t very big so we knew it wouldn’t be a huge project. Simply put, everything just needed to be freshened up a bit to give it a new look. 

When it comes to updating your kitchen it can be a little bit overwhelming but it  doesn’t have to be! You don’t even have to redo the entire kitchen! Pick one or two things from the list below to make a dramatic change to your kitchen. Or do like we did and just for it! 

6 Ways to Update to Your Kitchen

Paint the walls. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint could do for any room in your house. Originally, our kitchen had a light tan wall and you could barely see the color. It looked just like the contractor paint we had when we moved in.  While my husband would say that the color I picked is the same, it’s not! We went with a light gray to When it came to our kitchen makeover, I knew I wanted something with a little bit of color. So we chose a light gray paint color and it makes the room look brighter and bigger.

Paint your cabinets. If your cabinets are in pretty good shape, all they need is a fresh coat of paint. We went with a pretty easy cabinet paint (no sanding required!) that was completed in just one weekend. Our cabinets look completely different and you would never know that they were the originals to the house.

Cabinet painting tip: Make sure you follow the directions to a tee and you will fall in love with your new cabinets! 

Swap out hardware. Switching out the hardware switching out on our cabinets was probably the easiest update that we did in the entire kitchen. If you are going to take the time to repaint your cabinets, you want to make sure you buy new hardware to make it look up to date. If you aren’t painting your cabinets, you can still change your hardware to reflect the new style of your kitchen. This can be done in literally 15 minutes and you’ll have a completely new look in your kitchen.

Buy a new faucet. Since you’re updating pretty much every other square service of your kitchen, you can’t forget about your sink. Thankfully, we had a fairly new sink in our kitchen and we weren’t ready to swap that out yet. But the faucet? That was another story. I was going for a farmhouse look in our kitchen and our old faucet just didn’t fit the style. The GROHE Foot Control faucet totally match the look that we were going for! GROHE products change people’s lives (I’m not joking!). The brand makes life easier, healthier and more beautiful! I couldn’t agree more. I really never thought I would be so in love with a faucet!

Whether you need to fill up a heavy pot for your casserole, or quickly rinse your vegetables, GROHE Foot Control gives you greater mobility in the kitchen by freeing your hands and allowing you to use them for whatever you need. Just tap your foot to turn the faucet on. I never knew I needed a foot control faucet until I got ours! And now I don’t know how we lived without one all these years. I can pretty clumsy in the kitchen and have fumbled with full hands at the sink before. Now? With a wave of the foot, I can get the water running while draining food or simply to just rinse out the sink! 

Decorate. Finding little pieces to highlight your new kitchen is the second easiest way to give it a completely new look. Before the update, our kitchen was dark so we had decor that reflected that style. But once I was going for a farmhouse look, I knew those items wouldn’t fit the bill. I wanted white pieces with pops of turquoise and yellow for some color in the kitchen. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on decor to bring it to tie the look of your kitchen together. I also shopped other rooms of my house to pull pieces. It’s amazing what you could find just walking around and pulling from the living room or even the bathroom.

Replace your flooring. Well this step isn’t necessary, the flooring could really make or break the new look of your kitchen. We had old dingy linoleum floors and it just was not working in our new bright farmhouse kitchen. The new floors look like hard hardwood but they are laminate! They’ll be really easy to maintain and clean and keep up with our busy family. They really bring the cohesiveness of the kitchen together.

While it’s taken us a few months to finally complete the total look of our kitchen, we cannot believe the transformation that it has under gone. You can have a brand new look to your kitchen with just a few simple changes!

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