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We are just days away from the last day of school! And it actually feels like summer! Hot! Hot! Hot! While I loathe being outside when it’s hot out, my kids don’t. They don’t care if it’s 35 or 96 degrees out. They just want to be outside!

And that’s not a bad thing! The more they are outside, the less time they are on the iPad or playing video games. Even though they love playing outside, I still hear “I’m bored” after they are out there for about 5 minutes. So its time for mom to come up with a master list of things to do outside!

50 ways to get outside this summer

50 Ways to Get Outside This Summer

101 things to do with kids this summer-1

1. Create a mural with sidewalk chalk.
2. Blow bubbles.
3. Go for a nature walk.
4. Have a water balloon fight.
5. Go swimming.
6. Make your own slip and slide.

101 things to do with kids this summer-4
7. Run through the sprinkler.
8. Ride a bike.
9. Tour your city’s landmarks.
10. Hit the nearest water park.
11. Have a picnic.
12. Plant a garden.
13. Build a fort.

14. Pick fruit at the local farm.
15. Camp in your backyard.
16. Clean up your neighborhood by picking up trash.
17. Go bird watching.
18. Lay in the grass and watch the clouds.
19. Go on a photo safari.
20. Jump in rain puddles. No rain? Make your own!

50 ways to get outside

21. Play baseball.
22. Get dirty and make mud pies.
23. Go on a treasure hunt.
24. Play backyard Jenga.
25. Discover a new park.
26. Go hiking.
27. Build a sand castle.

28. Grab a book and read under a tree. 
29. Take a walk in the rain.
30. Go fishing.
31. Take a nap in a hammock.
32. Make a whistle from a blade of grass.
33. Build a treehouse.
34. Wade in the creek.

35. Hunt for seashells.
36. Stargaze.
37. Go horseback riding.
38. Skip stones.
39. Build an obstacle course.
40. Walk to the library.
41. Play nature “I Spy.”

101 things to do with kids this summer-2

42. Fly a kite.
43. Make a water wall.
44. Go tubing.
45. Climb a tree.
46. Paint with water.
47. Set up an outdoor movie.
48. Catch fireflies in a jar.
49. Visit the zoo.
50. Wash the car!

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