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While I am a huge fan of my dSLR, sometimes, I just want to leave it at home. I don’t want to lug it around with me. It’s heavy. It’s bulky. And there are times I just want to grab a quick picture and be done.

There is one down-side to not using the dSLR, photo quality. Well, that used to be a concern. The quality of photos coming from cell phones these days are amazing. There are often times when I can’t tell the difference! Take the new ZTE Grand X Max 2 for example. (Currently $129.99 for customers bringing their number to Cricket!)

With a large 6’ FHD LCD display and wide angle front camera and dual rear camera, you have an amazing camera in your pocket. My favorite part? The bokeh effect setting! The aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens. Total game changer.

Having a good camera in your hands is half the battle of taking better photos. Use these 5 tips below to take better photos with your cell phone!

5 Tips to Take Better Photos With Your Phone

5 tips for taking better photos With Your Phone
Lighting is key! Lighting is the number one most important thing when it comes to any photos. Look around you and try and find the best light. Usually, that’s near a window. Remember, overhead lighting is never a good option. Try some side lighting to really get some contrasts.

Steady as she goes! It’s really important to keep your phone nice and steady when you are taking cell phone pictures. This is hard because 9 times out of 10 you are holding your phone with one hand while trying to wrangle a kid with the other (or a coffee cup). Try to brace your phone by using both hands if you can. If you can’t use two hands, prop your phone on a ledge or table to give you more stability.  Also, remember that your shutter may lag a few seconds after you push the button. Hold still until you know that the picture has been taken.

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Focus on one thing. Keep your photos simple and uncluttered by focusing on one thing. This is where the bokeh setting on the ZTE Grand X Max 2 comes in handy! Using negative space will help your subject stand out even more.

Play up the angles! The advantage of using your cell phone over your dSLR is that it makes it easy to use different angles without having to get into some weird positions. You will see a lot of cell phone photos taken straight on or over head. Try taking a photo straight up (like when looking at tall buildings or trees)!

Use leading lines. Leading lines are one of my favorite things to play with in photography. Leading lines will help draw the viewer to your subject and can add an interesting perspective to your photo. 

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