When I was pregnant with Ethan, we knew right away that we wanted to know what we were having. We wanted to be prepared. When the ultrasound technician told us it was boy, we were excited and thrilled!

Flash forward almost three years later, we were told we were having another little boy.  A little part of me wished for a girl but I was so excited to be a boy mom again. I had almost 3 years of practice at this boy thing and it just felt right. A girl? I wasn’t sure what I would do with a girl.

Being a boy mom is interesting and has its positives and negatives. It’s funny how quickly your life changes when you are surrounded by boys. We all know that I run on coffee and lots of it but there are a few other things that I need to make it through the trenches of being a boy mom.

5 Things I Couldn’t Live Without as a Boy Mom

5 Things I Couldn't Live Without as a Boy Mom

1. A lifetime supply of wipes. They aren’t just for wiping butts! They are great for sticky hands, spills on the carpet, and marker drawn on just about anything.  When I need to get a stain out, I try a wipe first!

2. OxyClean Because you will need something stronger than a wipe. I buy OxyClean by the tub and throw a scoopful in every load of laundry. It also is great at getting grass stains out of  pants.

3. A four letter vocabulary. No, not those four letters. They are reserved for Girls’ Night Out and gChat.  I’m talking about the other four letter words: poop, fart, butt, and burp. Guaranteed a giggle whenever mom utters those words. Every. Single. Time.

4. A lightsaber. In a world, where everything becomes a lightsaber, you need to be protected. Always have your lightsaber close by.

5.  Something girly. Whether it’s fancy makeup, cute shoes, or a pretty dress, you need to girl it up every once and while. And the best part? Your little men will tell you, “You look so pretty, Mommy.” And it will melt your heart.

What are the 5 things you couldn’t live without as a mom? Check out what others had to say!

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