First grade as been a huge eye opener for me! We started noticing that Ethan was a little bit behind in his reading and that his handwriting was atrocious. I mean, I don’t know how his teacher understands what he is writing. I know this is a combination of him rushing through his work and not enough practice. Handwriting isn’t something stressed like it was when I was in grade school. We even had a Penmanship Award every month. Try to find that now in an elementary school.

Since we spend a lot of time on the iPad or other tablet devices, I thought it would be really easy to get in some extra handwriting practice through apps. Most apps encourage kids to trace with their fingers. When you are using these apps to help a child with their handwriting, it’s beneficial to give them a stylus to use. Not only will they be practicing their letter formations but also help them with their grip and posture that is important for handwriting.

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5 Apps to Improve Handwriting


Ready to Print is a pre-writing app that was developed by an occupational therapist with more than 20 years of experience working with children. This app progresses through pre-writing skills in a specific order so that children can master the skills necessary for writing


Letter School makes handwriting incredibly easy to unravel. Just pick a letter, kick back and enjoy the show. As a bonus, you’ll learn the letter’s name, its sound and a word to go with. Letter School comes highly recommended from many Occupational Therapists. LetterSchool’s simple, consistent method guides the young player with strong clues that work for all children, regardless of their learning styles. LetterSchool is also ideal for children who reverse letters or numbers and children with special needs.


Handwriting Without Tears: Wet-Dry-Try Suite for Capitals, Numbers & Lowercase: Make handwriting practice fun! With our Wet-Dry-Try Suite App, children learn and practice correct formation habits for writing capitals, numbers, and lowercase letters. The app simulates our Slate Chalkboard and Blackboard with Double Lines and helps children learn handwriting skills in the easiest, most efficient way. The result truly is handwriting without tears!


Writing WizardFrom pre-school through the elementary level, Writing Wizard helps children learn how to trace through a fun, motivational design.  The app is fully customizable to suit every child’s needs, and lets you check their progress through a system of reports and profiles.  Using animation and sound effects, Writing Wizard offers a lot of fun to keep children motivated.

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Dexteria is a set of therapeutic hand exercises (not games) to improve fine motor skills and handwriting readiness in children and adults. Dexteria’s unique hand and finger activities take full advantage of the multi-touch interface to help build strength, control, and dexterity.

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