belly pic taken at 37w6d {Remind me to tell the hubster that that mirror needs cleaned. You know, since I am not allowed to do anything!}

Where do I even begin? Last week, I posted about how the doctor ordered NST {non-stress test} for last Thursday. There were 3 possibilities. Fortunately {or maybe unfortunately}, we received the best case. I was sent home on bed rest and baby boy was given more time to bake.

All day Friday, I had a massive headache and we debated all night whether or not to call the doctor {one of my orders}. We finally decided I would take some more Tylonel and attempt to sleep it off. When I woke up in the morning, it was still there. So we called. The doctor called back within 10 minutes and told us to get to the hospital as soon as we could.

After figuring out a plan for E, we all got in the car and went off to the hospital. My poor, little E. He was freaking out the entire time. He thought something was wrong with his mommy and “brudder.” We tried to explain to him that the doctor just needed to do a check-up and we would see him soon.

When I got to the hospital, they hooked up to a monitor and drew labs. As the doctor said, “I don’t trust your chemistry.” Since I had HELLP with E, they wanted to rule out that it was happening again. We knew we would be there at least an hour as we waited for the lab results.

During that time, we watched my blood pressure go down from 138/90 to 118/59. I was truly relaxed! Good sign!  Before we knew it, the doctor was back with my results. Perfect! No signs of HELLP! She sent us on our way, again, on bed rest with another NST scheduled for Monday {yesterday}.

Needless to say, I passed the NST yesterday. My blood pressure was a tad high when I got there {134/78} but went down to 120/68 while resting. So the bed rest is helping!

And did I mention I have ankles again!!!

I have another NST scheduled for Thursday and I am anticipating that it will be an in and out with no new news.

Which means I will make it to my scheduled c-section next Tuesday {unless baby boy has other plans and I go into labor on my own}.

Pregnancy: 38 weeks

Weight Gain: +12 lbs. {No weight gain this week!}
Sleep: It’s all I do now. You really run out of things to do/read while on bed rest, so why not sleep? I better get it in now!
Gender: All boy!
Names: Benjamin!
Feeling: I’m really not sure how I am feeling these days. There are a lot of things swimming around in my head!
Health: See above.
Movement: Sluggish. He’s running out of room!
Belly Button: Still have a belly button but it’s definitely not as hollow as before.
Cravings: Whatever the hubster makes me!
Next Appointment: NST ~ May 12th @ 38 weeks 2 days

Vote for me in the home stretch!

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