{belly pic taken at 34 wks}

Pregnancy: 34 weeks

Weight Gain: +14 lbs.{and the doctor is estimating that most of that will be baby and baby related junk!}
Sleep: I’m still sleeping really well {which shocks me!}.
Gender: All boy!
Names: Wouldn’t you like to know!
Feeling: Done! Done! Done! I, in no way, want this baby coming soon, but my body is done! If I could just lay around 24/7, I would be alright. Seeing that that’s not an option, I am tired and cranky by the end of the day {understandable, right?}.
Health: Doing really well! I had my 34 week appointment yesterday and I’m happy to report that everything is going smoothly! My blood pressure was 130/86 and still no protein. I don’t want to jinx it but I think I may avoid any forms of pre-e this time {w00t!}. My feet are still swollen but it didn’t help that it was 87 degrees yesterday. The heat is not my friend. But if that is the only thing I have to deal with right now, I’ll take it!

The doctor also suggested yesterday that I start working only 4 days a week to continue my uneventful pregnancy. Who am I to argue, right? I did have last Friday off and I noticed a huge difference in how I felt and how my feet cooperated by having that extra day to relax.

Movement: He’s starting to slow down a bit and his movement is much larger {and painful!}.
Belly Button: Still have a belly button but it’s definitely not as hollow as before.
Cravings: I could really go for some Pizza Rolls right now!
Next Appointment: April 25th  @ 36 weeks – I also scheduled all the rest of my appointments yesterday! Only 3 left!

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