{belly pic taken at 32 wks 5 days}

Pregnancy: 33 weeks

Weight Gain: +11 lbs.
Sleep: I can’t get enough of it. But that probably has more to do with me being on the go so much these past 2 weeks.
Gender: All boy!
Names: More on this later…
Feeling: Exahusted. Again, I had the boudoir marathon sessions last weekend and then Blog with Love this past weekend. Momma is getting worn out!
Health: I really have to stop and pinch myself sometimes. I just can’t believe how different this time has been. My feet only swell when it’s hot or if I was on them too much and my blood pressure is still low! This time when I was pregnant with E, I was a blob of swollen and could barely move. I am not complaining though! The longer I last like this the better!
Movement: He’s starting to slow down a bit and his movement is much larger {and painful!}.
Belly Button: Getting flatter.
Cravings: Still ice cream! And boy did I fulfill that craving at Franklin Fountain this weekend {more on this later}
Next Appointment: April 11 @ 34 weeks

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