{belly pic taken at 31 wks 6 days}

Pregnancy: 32 weeks

Weight Gain: +11 lbs. {O.M.G.}
Sleep:I slept great over the weekend in a comfy bed all by myself with a ton of pillows to prop myself up! I really could have gotten used to that.
Gender: All boy!
Names: More on this later…
Feeling: Not too bad. Even though I over did  it this weekend {marathon Boudoir Sessions}, I still didn’t feel all that bad.
Health: The swelling has come back! Like I said, I definitely overdid it Saturday which caused my feet to swell horribly. They were disgusting. Thankfully, they went down considerably {not all the way but not too bad} over night. It hasn’t gone away completely, but the doctor said they looked “normal.”

My blood pressure yesterday was perfect: 124/74. I am no spilling any protein in my urine and she wasn’t too concerned about the weight gain. It was bound to happen plus add in the swelling.

It seems as if baby boy has finally slowed down on his monster status. Yesterday, I measured right on track.

Movement: I think this one is a given at this point.
Belly Button: Getting flatter.
Cravings: Ice cream!!
Next Appointment: April 11 @ 34 weeks

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