{belly pic taken at 31 wks}

Excuse my language for a minute but HOLY SHIT 31 WEEKS! When the hell did that happen? That means I have 8 weeks max left. And if things go the way I think they will, I may only have 6-7!

Pregnancy: 31 weeks

Weight Gain: +6 lbs. {will get an official number at my appointment on Monday}
Sleep: Everything is still going well in the sleep department! I have been trying to squeeze some naps in when I can. I know my napping days will be over soon!
Gender: All boy!
Names: More on this later…
Feeling: A lot better than last week. I’ve seen to have gotten some energy back {more on that later as well}.
Health: One word: reflux. I made the mistake of eating nachos with chili over the weekend. I am still paying for it today.
Movement: I think this one is a given at this point.
Belly Button: I definitely noticed a difference in my belly button this weekend. I still have an innie but it’s definitely not as deep.
Cravings: Nothing in particular this week.
Next Appointment: March 28th {next Monday}

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