Summer is flying by and before we know it, the kid will be back to school! Take some time to start planning out your July editorial calendar so you can enjoy these summer days with your kids.

Use this list to help with your blog planning, whether you have a blog planner or use a spreadsheet like I do. If you missed a month, you’ll be able to find a list of each month’s lists over on the Monthly Blog Post Idea page.

And now? Time for June’s list!

31 blog post ideas for july

31 Blog Post Ideas for July

1. Have a recipe perfect for the 4th of July? Share it (and make sure it’s pinnable)!
2. Do a Wordless Wednesday post sharing what you have done so far this summer.
3. Review a product that you use in your daily life.
4. Happy Fourth of July! Take the day off or share a fun 4th picture!
5. Start a new link up series. Find some partners and make it huge!
6. Just write. Sit down, open up a blank blog post, and just write!
7. Create a must-have summertime list, whether it be toys, sandals, or clothing.
8. Safety is important in the summer time. Share some tips on summer time safety.
9. Vlog!
10. Create a poll! Try out a new plugin in like Dilemma to help facilitate your poll.
11. Host a giveaway.
12. Create a new series on your blog such as what I wore or what’s growing in my garden. Write a weekly update.
13. Share your best blog posts ever!
14. Write a book review.
15. Just get back from a great trip? Review the hotel that you stayed at or highlight some of the fun things that you did.
16. Share what your pet peeves are and why.
17. Update an old post.
18. Host a guest post.
19. Answer some frequently asked questions you receive in your comments.
20. Have you recently achieved one of your goals? Go on ahead and brag about it.
21. Write a letter to your child.
22. Do you love to DIY? Share a step-by-step tutorial of a recent project.
23. Give up something you love – like coffee or chocolate – for a day, week, month. Write an initial post (to keep you accountable) and then follow up in a day, week, month.
24. Share something funny your kid, spouse or even pet has done recently. Bonus if you have pictures to go with the story!
25. Tell the story that is your life. It can be your life right now, what you want it to be, or where you’ve come from.
26. Write a funny tutorial, or explain how not to do something, like this one from The Turnip Farmer.
27. Create a list of 101 activities anyone can do when they’re bored.
28. Interview your favorite blogger.
29. Give your opinion on a current hot topic.
30. Attend an event recently? Write a recap on the 10 things you learned or the 5 reasons why you loved the event.
31. Share your fondest memory and explain why it will always be near and dear to your heart.

Check back next month for 30 more blog post ideas that will get you through August.

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