Back when I was wallowing over the fact that I was turning 30, I compiled a list of everything that I accomplished in my short 30 years. This list could have done one of two things:

  1. Make me see all of the good things that have happened in my life and make me look forward to many more.
  2. Make me depressed in thinking that I’ve peaked at 30 and it’s all down hill now.

I’d like to think that I am going the first route.

A Grande Life | 30 Things I Accomplished Before Turning 30

1. Flew on a plane.

2. Got married.

3. Saw the Pacific Ocean.

4. Had a baby.

5. Snorkeled in the Gulf of Mexico.

A Grande Life | Snorkeling in Mexico

6. Graduated from college.

7. Visited California.

8. Got my ears’ pierced.

9. Visited Mexico.

10. Started my own business.

11. Went to Disney World.

12. Had another baby.

13. Visited New York City.

14. Saw Chichen Itza.

A Grande Life | Chichen Itza

15. Went to Alcatraz.

16. Climbed to the top of the Statute of Liberty.

17. Saw the Redwood Forests.

18. Swam in the Atlantic Ocean.

19. Drove 17 mile drive.

20. Bought a house.

21. Started a new career.

22. Had an article published in a local magazine.

23. Drove over the Golden Gate Bridge.

A Grande Life | Golden Gate Bridge

24. Became an aunt.

25. Went white water rafting.

26. Drank wine in California wine country.

27. Started a weight loss journey.

28. Became a Work-at-Home Mom.

29. Ran the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum Rocky style.

30. Made life-long friends.

What have you accomplished?

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