This summer has taught me a lot about my kids. For one, they have continued to blow my mind with the things they can do. Things I thought they would never try or like in a million years — yeah not only did they like it, they loved it.

As parents, I think we tend to underestimate our kids. Label them. We are all guilty of it. He’s the shy one. This one is gonna get in a lot of trouble. And then you know what happens? They totally break that mold you created for them and start becoming their own person. The person they want to be.

When they start being the person they want to be, you will notice that they are doing things with such excitement and energy. You start to see their passion unfold. And you have to run with it. Even if it’s something you didn’t think or want them to do. It’s what they want to do.

So how do you let kids live brighter?

deep creek lake-3

1. Encourage them. When your kid gets brave enough to try something new, you have to go into cheerleader mode — especially when they start second guessing themselves. You see that kid ziplining? He wanted to do it so bad, until it was time to actually do it. You better believe I stood underneath and cheered him on. The smile on his face when he was done was priceless. He even asked to do it again.

deep creek lake-4

2. Let them figure it out. When we were on vacation with friends in Deep Creek, MD, my oldest blossomed. One of the reasons I think he did so well was because we basically just let him and his friends figure things. “Oh you want to canoe? Here’s an oar, there’s the lake. Start paddling.” In a matter of minutes, the boys figured out how to steer and maneuver the canoe — with no help from the parents. And let me tell you, they did a lot better than I ever could.

deep creek lake-1

3. Suck it up. There are going to be times when your kid wants to do something and you will have no deserve to participate. But as a parent, you’re gonna have to suck that one up. Again, while on vacation, everyone wanted to go hiking. Just the thought of hiking made me want to go hide under the covers. But my kids were so excited to do it! So, like any good parent, I laced up my sneakers, put a smile on my face, and went hiking. You know what happened? We all had a great time and we have this memory of tackling it together.




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