We all have our bucket list of things we want to do before we kick the bucket. I’m an overachiever. Not only do I have my bucket list, but I also have a reverse bucket list to boot.

A Grande Life | Reverse Bucket List

1. Climb Mount Everest: Or any mountain formation that is more than 10 feet high. I have an insane fear of heights and you wouldn’t catch me up there. I don’t care how great the view is or how exhiliarting it is. I am perfectly fine with my feet planted firmly on the ground.

2. Go to Australia: There is no way I could see myself sitting on a plane for a million hours. Not only do I have an insane fear of heights, but I have an insane fear of flying. I think it would be the best for all parties involved for me to stick to the continental United States. However, I do plan on visiting Italy just once. I will do whatever it takes to get me there: booze, pills, tranquilizer.

3. Be a Millionaire: Sure, I can have millionaire tastes from time to time. But with millionaire tastes and money, come millionaire problems. No amount of money in the world is enough to put up with the crap.

4. Have Another Baby: I am done. Finished. Finito. This body will not produce another living being every. Done.

5. Give Up Coffee: It will be a cold day in hell the day I give up coffee for good. I can, however, say that I am no longer dependent on it. I only drink it occasionally now as a treat. But give it up for good? Hell to the no.

6. Go Camping: This one makes me laugh. Never in my life have I ever entertained the idea of going camping. There’s a reason why we have hotels…so we don’t have to sleep in a tent in the woods!

7. Bungee Jump: See #1.

8. Not Eat Bull Testicles: I guess Fear Factor is out as well!

9. Skydive: Notice a theme here.

10. Be a Truck Driver: I may swear like a trucker driver, but, trust me, you don’t need me behind the wheel of a Semi.

What is something you would never want to do?


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