In honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, I thought I would take the time to sit down and reflect on what it about motherhood I love the most.

10 things I love about Motherhood

1. I love waking up at the ass crack of dawn. Starting your day off before the sun raises is the only way to go. When do they start enjoying sleeping in? Please tell me that kicks in at some point.

2. I love having a personal cheerleader when using a public restroom. Because everyone wants to know that Mommy just went pee pee like a big girl! Also? I love answering a million questions as to why mommy sits and they stand. And what is that person doing in the stall next door?

3. I love taking 5 minute showers. It’s like a race and a lesson in efficiency. Never fails, as I am starting to enjoy the shower, someone starts crying or is banging on the door for help.

4. I love the never ending laundry cycles. Going up and down the steps to the laundry room is really a good form of exercise. It’s 2015. When is someone going to invent a washer/dryer/folder/put awayer combo? Someone has got to be working on that, right?

5. I love having baby puke on my clothes. It’s the latest accessory. After you get past the baby puke stage, it could be any number of body fluids or food or glue or glitter, that will become a standard accessory on your attire.

6. I love being interrupted when I am on the phone. It feels good to be needed. Maybe the ringing of the phone reminds them that meant to ask me for a yogurt 2 minutes before the phone rang.

7. I love eating a cold dinner. Who needs their food hot? Why risk burning your mouth? All those trips back and forth to the kitchen for drinks and utensils and paper towels because someone always has to spill something helps me burn the caloriess off from my dinner before I even eat!

8. I love naptime. I just love seeing how much I can done while the kids take a long nap. Like laundry. Or dishes. Or vacuuming. Or, maybe, just maybe, a nap.

9. I love wearing yoga pants. I am stretched so thin I might as well wear the appropriate attire. After all, you need to have the proper clothing to wrestle the kids and run around the house.

10. I love coffee.

What do you love about motherhood?

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