Even though I have an Elf on the Shelf calendar full of hiding places and tricks, there are still nights where I forget that the Elf needs to move. And in the morning, there are questions. Lots of them.

“Why didn’t the Elf move?”

Most times, it’s not until I am asked that question do I remember that I forgot about the Elf. This means I have to think quickly on my feet and come up with a reason for why he didn’t move.

Well, those days of thinking on my feet are gone. I have compiled a list of reasons why our Elf on the Shelf didn’t move.

10 reasons why your elf on the shelf didn't move (2)

10 Reasons Why Your Elf on the Shelf Didn’t Move

1. Bad Weather. If it’s snowing outside, tell them that the weather conditions were too bad for the Elf to fly back to the North Pole safely. 

2. He’s tired. I like to use this one if the kids had a bad day the day before. He was too tired from watching the bad behavior to report back to Santa. 

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3. Your Elf is sick. Even Elves get sick! While the kids are at school, tuck your Elf into the tissue box so the kids see him resting and getting better when they get home.

4. He heard someone get out of bed. I am so using this one this year. We are having some trouble keeping Ben in his room at night so maybe if the Elf catched him out of bed, he’ll stay in his bed!

5. He’s stuck! Get some kitchen tongs and pry him out a little so that he can move that night. 

6. He likes his spot! He must have a great vantage point to see the kids. He didn’t want to move from this great spot!

7. He didn’t want to report bad behavior. What can I say, the Elf has a heart. He didn’t want to give Santa a bad report, so he’s giving you the kids an extra day to be really good! And if he does have to report bad behavior, print out this Naughty Warning

8. Are you sure he didn’t move? Have the kids really examine the Elf. I think he may have moved….a few centimeters!

9. He loved his spot. He loved his hiding spot so much, he came right back to it! He must be comfy. 

10. We must have stayed up too late. Better go to bed early tonight so he’ll have enough time to report back to Santa and find a new hiding spot. 

Have you ever come up with a creative reason for why your Elf didn’t move? Help other parents out by leaving your reason in the comments. 

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