Let’s face it. I am addicted to Pinterest. You are addicted to Pinterest. We are all addicted to Pinterest. Now that we have that out of the way…

I can admit that I even though I am addicted, I have a love/hate relationship with the virtual pinboard. If we all created all the wonderful crafts, and cooked all the delicious meals, and followed every organizational tip, we’d all be living in immaculately clean houses, eating an amazing dinner every night, and need an addition on the house for a Martha Stewart-esque craft room.

But we don’t.

Come on, who has the time to make Phineas and Ferb sandwiches?!



That being said, I have come across some life hacks that I have tried {all thanks to Pinterest!}

10 life hacks via pinterest

10 Life Hacks via Pinterest

1. Dryer Sheet to Clean Baseboards – This is a no brainer to me, so why didn’t I think of it! I give one to Ethan and have him go to town.


2. Use Your Own Cleaner in Swiffer WetJet – This has saved me a ton of money! And that makes momma really happy!


3. Vanilla Extract to Clean Your Microwave – I was really skeptical of this but it works! So amazing!


4. Soda Can Racks for Canned Goods – I am always trying to organize my pantry and always failing miserably! This has helped a ton.


5. Cord Keeper – This is so simple and so genius! I love that it’s not permanent and you can use it anywhere.


6. Prevent Necklaces from Tangling – The hubster’s grandmother actually does this so it wasn’t the first time I saw it. I have seen her do it hundreds of times. So why did I wait until I saw on it Pinterest to do it myself? Works like a charm!


7. Hulling Strawberries – I love strawberries. I had hulling them. Who knew you just needed a straw to get the job done?


8. Reuse Wipes Container for Grocery Bags – I had those fabric sleeves to shove all your plastic bags into for storage. Since I don’t get a lot of plastic bags these days, I didn’t need something big and awkward hanging in the pantry. This helped cut down on space and keep the bags organized!


9. Use a Muffin Tin to Stand Up Your Tacos – My husband thought I was nuts when I first told him about this. But, after seeing it in action, he thinks it’s genius {and I do, too}. No more cheese and meat spilling out onto the cookie sheet!


10. Use a Dust Pan to Fill a Bucket – Our powder room sink was the perfect sink to try this out on. It’s an awkward faucet and you can’t quite get anything of a decent size under it. Dust pan to save the day!


What’s your favorite life hack you found on Pinterest?

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